60 Second DR Readiness Check

What are your current backup provisions (tick all that apply...)

Traditional tape backup requiring a human being to swap tapes and perform periodic cleaning

How many tapes do you have in rotation?
How often are tapes taken off site?

Automated backup that runs on your servers according to a schedule and uploads your data to a secure location

How often is your data backed up?

E.g. external USB drives, NAS devices and similar

How often are the drives taken off site?

Typically full snapshots of your servers are uploaded to an offsite location where they can be restored onto a cloud platform within a number of hours

Replica of your current setup located outside of your office, with data replicated to it in real or near real time

A disused server with sufficient specification that is capable of replacing live server

How often is data replicated to it?
Where is the spare server located?
How often?