About My Business Guard

Disaster Recovery Experts

Our mission statement is to provide proactive and professional
Disaster Recovery Services for an affordable monthly fee.
We are a team of over twenty highly skilled IT experts and with over 60 years of combined Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity experience, you can be confident that there is no DR scenario that we haven’t seen or dealt with already.

In 2000 we pioneered a unique IT support and maintenance model – something which a handful of IT companies quickly copied and adapted. Today, we are no longer unique in our approach but we are certainly unique in the quality of service we deliver.

Purple Matrix is a privately owned company that has grown considerably over the years to become a renowned and respected IT and Disaster Recovery services provider. We started as a team of two IT enthusiasts and today we are a team of over twenty and intending to continue growing for years to come. We are financially sound company, with our growth only being funded by our profits which is somewhat unusual in times of risky investments.

What our clients say

Servers have a tendency to fail at the worst possible moment – in our case 6 hours before a major tender was due for submission. It took one phone call to Business Guard hotline and as if by magic our failed server was recovered onto a Business Guard loan server and our team was able to continue to work as normal. From the moment we invoked DR with Business Guard team it took just over 2 hours until we were fully operational from the comfort of our own office.- Simon Weatherley – Porta Communication PLC
We didn’t suffer an earthquake or natural disaster, but an ex member of our staff deliberately deleted some files that we only discovered 3 months down the line – files invaluable to our business. Business Guard engineers were able to boot up our server from several points in time and managed to recover the missing files. I was amazed that it took less than 15 minutes for them to locate and restore the files- Elvin Ahmovic – Alfa Energy Group
Our comms room air-con unit malfunctioned over the Christmas break making our main server overheat and damage two of its hard drives, making it inoperable. We rang Business Guard and their engineer was onsite with a loan server within the hour. He discussed our options with us and then expertly restored the failed server allowing us to continue to work as normal. As it turned out, our server was extensively damaged – repair that took several days – several days that we would have been without email and our recruitment package had it not been for Business Guard. Best investment we ever made!- Jo Brown – Dryden Human Capital

We’d love to work with you!

We are looking forward to answering any of your questions and helping you to join the small elite of businesses that are fully covered against human or natural disasters.