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Guaranteed recovery of your complete IT systems in a matter of minutes with no upfront capital investment at a surprisingly affordable monthly fee!

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Why is Disaster Recovery important?

Having taken the initiative to find our website we assume that you are fully aware of the importance of a solid DR solution.

However, just in case you need reminding, here is some statistics.

Don’t leave it to chance – take action today – it could be the best decision you took this year!

Companies that will suffer IT related disaster20%
Businesses that shuts down within 2 years from disaster90%
Claimants who never recoup the losses53%
Businesses that successfully recover their information44%

How It Works My Backup and Disaster Recovery?

The best solutions are often the simplest, and simplicity is the foundation of My Business Guard.

The whole process is divided into 3 parts:

  • Snapshot stage – our clever software and appliance take snapshots of your servers every 15 minutes, encrypt and upload to our secure data centre. This means that you are only ever likely to lose up to 15 minutes of data!
  • Head Start Restore stage – once in our data centre, your server snapshots are verified and automatically merged with the previous snapshots, making them ready to be ‘finalised’ and booted up in a virtual environment. This means that your complete system is only ever a few clicks away from being brought on line!
  • DR invocation stage – this is when we earn our money! In case of disaster, you simply ring our DR hotline, answer some basic security questions and we will do the rest – your systems will be brought online using our virtual platform, meaning you will be able to resume your normal business activities in a matter of minutes, not days!
hour setup
minute snapshots
day free trial
hour recovery

How It Works My Cloud Backup for Office 365?

Even though your organization’s SaaS data is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe.

When it comes to working in cloud-based applications, the option of granular recovery isn’t a given. But the opportunity for human error is.

Humans delete important files, overwrite one another’s documents, and accidentally download viruses. And SaaS vendors may or may not have a recovery solution for you. If they do, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be easy, that you’ll get the data in a useful format, or that the recovery will happen quickly or inexpensively.

MyBusinessGuard Cloud Backup provides granular protection of your business’s hosted data. Once set up, backups happen automatically. In a few seconds, you can recover the version of a file or folder that you need, in its original format, through an easy-to-use web interface. And you don’t need to sweat storage space, software upgrades, or the possibility of an onsite backup server failing.


What our Customers say

Servers have a tendency to fail at the worst possible moment – in our case 6 hours before a major tender was due for submission. It took one phone call to Business Guard hotline and as if by magic our failed server was recovered onto a Business Guard loan server and our team was able to continue to work as normal. From the moment we invoked DR with Business Guard team it took just over 2 hours until we were fully operational from the comfort of our own office.- Simon Weatherley – Porta Communication PLC
Our comms room air-con unit malfunctioned over the Christmas break making our main server overheat and damage two of its hard drives, making it inoperable. We rang Business Guard and their engineer was onsite with a loan server within the hour. He discussed our options with us and then expertly restored the failed server allowing us to continue to work as normal. As it turned out, our server was extensively damaged – repair that took several days – several days that we would have been without email and our recruitment package had it not been for Business Guard. Best investment we ever made! - Jo Brown – Dryden Human Capital
Our Guarantee

There are two types of DR or backup solutions: The ones that work most of the time, and our My Business Guard DR solution that works 100% of the time!

How can we be so confident?

It’s quite simple – your server’s DR snapshots are fully verified in real time and tested daily, so the worst that can go wrong is that the last incremental snapshot may not be usable. In this case, we will go back 15 minutes in time and use the previous snapshot.. Or the one before.. (we typically have approx. 50 snapshots to choose from each day, so the chances of all of them being unusable is less than winning the lottery!)

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About Us

My Business Guard is created and operated by Purple Matrix, a privately owned company. Founded in March 2000 by two IT enthusiasts, we have grown considerably over the years to become a renowned and respected London based IT services provider.

We are financially sound company, with our growth only being funded by our profits which is somewhat unusual in times of risky investments.

Today we are a team of over twenty highly skilled IT experts and with over 60 years of combined Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity experience, you can be confident that there is no DR scenario that we haven’t seen or dealt with already!

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